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We identify with

the hummingbird because...

Hummingbirds are uniquely only found in the Americas.  They are not found in Hawaii, not in Australia, not in Europe—not anywhere else in the world except for the Americas.  They migrate between North America, Central America and South America. 



Hummingbirds are the pollinators of the planet. They help create more plants and more forests. They are fast and effective in their duties.  Who doesn’t love the hummingbird? 

We identify with the hummingbird because we are looking to bring more green to the planet and we feel that it is a great symbol for us and our mission.  Hummingbirds pollinate a lot of plants from as far north as the southern parts of Alaska to the lowland forests of Brazil and then back up to the 15,000-foot snow line of the Andes.  These beautiful birds help to create more forests on our planet.



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